Cat’s Head

My cat decides to hide on top of a kitchen cupboard!


Fancy that! A cat
without a bottom – not even
Old Possum could out-do
your decapitating pose!
Is that a smile beneath your nose?
I’ve heard of a grin remaining
from a disappearing head;
but a disappearing body?
Please pull yourself together,
or you’ll end up quite dead!

Cat Proof



She’s a stranger to correct etiquette;
here’s the proof:
the slack flick of her foreleg
the twitch of her tail
her silent step onto the sofa
the widening aperture of her eyes
the backward swivel of her ears
her faded tiger stripes
the sheathed weaponry in her paws
the alien growl at another cat’s smell
she’s the limit:
she turns her back on protocol
doesn’t know how to curtsy or kowtow
never grovels or curries favour;
a law unto herself; completely unskilled
at social climbing

in a word: uncivilised.