The Cyber World


I’ve been rummaging through files of old bits of writing and found this parody of Wordsworth’s sonnet, The World is Too Much with Us. It is just a bit of fun, or is it?

The Cyberworld Is Too Much With Us

The cyberworld is too much with us – now and soon,
Texting and messaging lay waste our hours;
Much we see online that is ours;
We use our mouse to click into a room!
This cyberspace that takes us to the moon;
The netiquette that gives a newbie powers;
It’s Mother’s Day so send some cyber flowers.
On first of April you can play the goon;
Embed a virus in your message to mankind,
And hope to access every PC in the land.
Google or cybersleuth will not find
The worm insinuated by your hand;
If you love power you will not mind;
You are a cybernaut with one command!