About Me

I have been retired for a number of years and value the ‘free’ time this affords. I walk in the countryside and enjoy observing wildlife. I’m lucky to be in a part of England where we can regularly see such iconic birds as red kites. Friends of Red Kites has a website you can find on the right of my page set-up under ‘blogroll’.

During 2016 – 2018 I wrote drafts for two books of non-fiction but they are in cold storage now!  I have recently started exploring monotype printmaking and drawing as I used to teach art so in some ways am returning to my earlier life.

I’m concerned about the environment and would like to think we can be caretakers of the earth. We are part of nature; not separate. Many of us find solace when we’re in natural surroundings and can sense a spiritual quality to life more clearly. I chose the path of Zen Buddhism over twenty years ago but prefer not to be too denominational in my practice.

I have struggled with clinical depression for most of my adult life; posting on this blog is one of the ways I ‘manage’ it.

I have called my blog, all things creative, as I believe a creative response to life, in its broadest sense, is a big part of being human. You can listen to an excellent TED talk on my blog which shows how important creativity is; and how it is undervalued,  particularly in our educational systems.



15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I agree so much with your view on creativity… Not only enriches our souls but also helps in more stressful times. Apart of having a blog, in my free time I am painting as well. Enjoyed very much the visit to your blog!


  2. Erikleo, I ‘m in your Coursera online Modern Poetry class. I read your about page and I can definitely relate to your experiences.

    I have come full circle from my retirement and it reflects in my blog site. ( http://007pandas.com ) I’ve always been an outdoors person, however, now as an amateur photographer of landscapes and wildlife, I see so much beauty of our world.

    You have a great blog sit and I will follow your journey. 🙂

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  3. You have a great blog. Thanks again for visiting my “War and Peace” poem. I sense a fellow-spirit – and a Colin Wilson fan, too! The world just hasn’t seemed the same for me since his death.

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    1. Yes – “Beyond the Robot” by Gary Lachman sounds interesting. Lachman seems to be developing into almost a replacement for Wilson himself, as is Anthony Peake, whose “Is There Life After Death” I found to be a stimulating read, full of fascinating yet bizarre theories.

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