Summer Haiku

I’m enrolled on an online session writing haiku so I thought I’d better do a few warm-up exercises. I’m no expert but know the traditional ones reference a season so some of these do. The syllable count of 5-7-5 is often ignored by contemporary poets but I’ve kept to this in most cases. Haiku usually capture a moment in time, often evoke an image and describe concrete details while at the same time suggesting universal themes. Haiku should be read more than once – they are meant to be savoured like culinary delicacies.


sickle moon in blue

sipping tea in hot sunshine-

contented for now.


cat chasing shadows

while I sit in baking sun

iced tea by my side.


a hot day in June-

jumping spider on my arm

pencil in my hand.


bees and wasps buzzing

foxglove nodding in a breeze

droplets on the leaves.


after watering

droplets sparkle on a leaf –

the sun’s pouring heat.


it’s thirty degrees-

two cats hiss at each other

I watch from my deckchair.


haiku in July

sun and moon against blue sky-

it’s too much for me!


under July’s sky

distant sirens become sharp-

the temperatures rise.


how long do they live?

butterflies dancing in air –

she talks about death.


a cat crouches, still –

a feather’s twitching in the wind

a pigeon’s remains.


morning glory

reaches towards the high sun –

she collects seeds.


how vast karma is!

we walk round the pond-

water off a duck’s back.

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