A selection of my art works

Life Force, acrylic on canvas, 56cm x 56cm

Jungle Birds, acrylic on plywood, 68cm x 33cm
Bird in Flower, acrylic on canvas, 56cm x 56cm
Swallow & Mahonia, acrylic on hardboard, 70cm x 31cm
Triptych Palm Oil Extinction, acrylic on board, 87cm x 38cm
Hornbill and Palm Oil, acrylic on 3-ply plywood, 65cm x 44cm
Bee and Foxgloves, Gouache, 22cms x 20cms

Buddha Bird, Acrylic, 30cms x 29cms

Bird Abstract

Acrylic on canvas, 41cm x 41cm

Old Fox

Gouache, 20 x 5cm

Abstract One, waterclour
Abstract Two, paper-cut
Kingfisher, gouache