misty on window

The prompt from Haiku Horizons blog is ‘cat.’ Traditionally haiku  references the seasons and has 17 syllables but the syllable count is pretty flexible when writing in English. And there are many modern haiku that have nothing to do with seasons! There should be a change of direction, a turning point in each haiku, usually at the last line.

I have punned on the word ‘pause’ here but not sure if it works. The slo-mo is referring to those nature programmes which slow the movement of an animal down to extremes.


your slo-mo hop

onto the window sill

pause my runaway mind

6 thoughts on “CAT HAIKU

  1. You could remove “pause” and maybe add “stills.” I think it reads well without too. You are so correct about American haiku it’s very different. That’s why I don’t use 5,7,5, so strictly anymore. When first learning haiku it’s a good rule, I used to use it faithfully until I learned more about it and got better.


  2. Thanks Bekkie for feedback. Yes, ‘still’ fits sound-wise but I wanted the allusion to pause on electronic equipment – you know pausing a film sequence to link with ‘slo-mo’.


  3. nice 🙂
    Interesting take on modern Haiku… You won’t believe I have been beaten up by so many people (self claimed Haiku pundits I guess) who made a snide remark each time I wrote a modern piece without referencing nature… LOL

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