Self Portrait


I painted this self portrait in 1966 when I was 20! At the time I liked Stanley Spencer’s self portrait with its full frontal stare! If you look closely at the right shoulder you should be able to see a fly. I added this in the year 2000 to try and suggest the transience of life- a kind of momento-mori!

This is my 100th blog.

As you can see, I’m still unearthing old paintings I still have. There may be more to post.

7 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. Wow Erik Leo, this painting is incredible. You’re very talented indeed. Please post more of your paintings for us to see! I imagine all the memories of that particular moment in which you painted this picture rushes back to mind?


  2. Thanks Khadiza for you kind remarks. I’ll see what else I think worth posting. Funny to think you were a different person when you were 20, as I was when I painted this.


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