The Joy of Birdwatching



Shibdon Pond is a reedbed pond four miles from where I live. In the summer common terns nest here and in the winter large flocks of waders congregate and feed. This week there have been hundreds of lapwing, four common sandpiper, six- eight black-tailed godwit, gadwell, redshanks, one juvenile dunlin, seven (visible) snipe and of course grey herons, cormorants, gulls and mallard. It is a place you never tire of visiting and it is only a mile or two from one of the biggest shopping centres in Europe, the dreaded Metro Centre!

A friend kindly gave me a telescope for my birthday and this has opened up another dimension (literally) to my birdwatching. If you have children who are interested in wildlife you can’t start too early; don’t give them toy binoculars or telescopes! Get them good quality optics and they will thank you for it!



two immaculate greenshank

painting their upside-down selves

in the still water

+             +            +

I follow a strutting snipe

magnified forty times

its straw-brown camouflage

doesn’t fool me!

+               +             +

ultramarine sky

and four hundred lapwings

shimmering in the still mirror


8 comments on “The Joy of Birdwatching

  1. Sounds a great local patch.


  2. Gone Wild says:

    Last night I saw something I’d never before seen: A hawk and a raven hunting together as a team.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bill Richmond says:

    Good image and interesting information Eric.


  4. erikleo says:

    Afraid the image isn’t mine Bill! Anything new at Shibdon?


  5. erikleo says:

    Latest count at Shibdon: 17 godwits, 600 lapwings! 2 common sandpipers, 1 ruff, 1 juv dunlin. 29/08/15


  6. aj vosse says:

    Gosh!! You’re so fortunate!! Enjoy!! 😉


  7. dian935 says:

    I finally found the post lol


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