Caliban’s Last Stand

This is a poem and video I made for Shakespeare In Community online course. After you’ve watched my video you may be interested in a talk about Caliban given by Bruce Pattinson on Total Education – top left on the video collage.

Caliban Alone

My keeper left me on this Isle, free of chains; now
I’ll be steward to this Eden, free to govern golden
earth; to cultivate and grow figs and dates, and feast on fish
and crabs from the shore. I’ll drink from the best springs,
pluck the ripest berries and filch the blue bird’s nest.
Thus will I live unto my last expiring breath.
All I lack is a prosperous maid, but hark, I’ll prosper
on Fortune’s winds. I have Ariel’s rainbow music
to soothe my lonely soul. Farewell, be sorrow’s maid
and think of all this fleeting world as a star at dawn,
a bubble in a stream, a child’s laugh, a phantasm, a dream.
We are such stuff – Farewell – I’ve wood to fetch, meanwhile.

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