Red Kite


Here is a poem about our local kites. They are nesting now that spring is here. In fact they start building nests by the end of February.

a red kite soaring above  fields follows
an ancient path working   the fine contours
that rise above the earth   sun caressing
russet tail tilting    towards an unseen
purpose no gap       between thought
and action    lengthening days

urge      springtime mating


11 comments on “Red Kite

  1. Hariod Brawn says:

    You don’t happen to be on the Bucks/Oxon border do you Erik?


  2. erikleo says:

    Hi Hariod. No, in the NE of England. Here is a link to our website:

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  3. erikleo says:

    Yes, kites were re-introduced there as one of the first re-introductions! The NE chicks came from there. (usually one taken from a nest of three; this optimises growing to maturity in all chicks!)

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  4. erikleo says:

    A stable population here. Destructive?! Usually nature has a way of balancing things out.

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  5. Gone Wild says:

    Lovely poem! -I thought it was about flying paper kites!


  6. angloswiss says:

    We often see red kites where I live at the foot of the Jura Mountain chain near Solothurn in Switzerland. We also have Mouse Buzzards. To tell the difference Mr. Swiss tells me that the kites have a forked tail and the buzzards not. I am not an expert, but luckily I live where the fox and hare say goodnight to eacht other (swiss saying) and am surrounded by wild life. We have a crow tribe in the trees and a magpie colony. You hear the owls at night and if you are lucky you might see a woodpecker, the big green ones with the reddish head. Interesting blog you have here. And the village population in cows probably outnumbers the people. we also have stables nearbye.


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