Waving Goodbye


I’ve been doing an online course about the Gothic and Fantasy in Literature. So far we have discussed The Brothers Grimm, Frankenstein, Dracula, Edgar Allan Poe and HG Wells. I came across this small sketch of mine and thought it was quite Gothic with the castle in the background and the formal gentleman doffing his hat. And of course you could invent a narrative about the two people! Is it a father waving goodbye to his daughter as she goes into the castle to be a governess or are the two people lovers? Is it Dracula’s castle perhaps? What is the mood of the drawing?


4 thoughts on “Waving Goodbye

  1. Erik – I really look forward to something on Wells. I think I’ve read practically everything he wrote. I have about ten feet of his books in my library, mostly old hardbacks I’ve collected over many years.

    Maybe we’ll be more in contact now I’ve clicked on ‘follow’… I’m so thick.



  2. Can I use a thumbnail of your Waving Goodbye drawing on my bands Website, Myth & Dream? I use images that I find fit songs we write. I think this image fits well for one of our songs.

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