National Poetry Day

bruegel mad meg

It is National Poetry Day in the UK. Here is my contribution. Click on the image if you want to see the details.

Bruegel comes to town

Before I realise   how time flies      I’ve been poring over Bruegel
for more than an hour      I pick up my shopping list
twenty minutes later     sees me in the high street
peasant faces everywhere I look     The Big Issue Seller
is a strolling player    but has the use of both her legs and sight
Cheese    bread and earthy vegetables are on my list
I can barely make out the scrawl     A merchant
drops a sack of something on the floor    The girl at the till
leers and makes a crack     The tomatoes are Dutch    no English
apples anywhere I search    I glimpse a proverb over there
something about a man without money is a corpse    coins chink
in the till     On my way out I pass a crazy woman
clad in iron armour   wielding a sword              striding into the shop


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