At the viaduct


I went to a poetry workshop yesterday – the theme was nature. One of the exercises was to include a man-made structure, an animal and time.  I wrote this poem and this is one of my paintings I did a few years ago.


At the viaduct

The viaduct floating
in early morning mist.
A single figure with a dog
emerges from the drowned
stones. A staccato of barks
echoes under arches.
A thrush sings his three
time song, sudden wing of
burnt sienna – red kite towing
summer sun.


4 comments on “At the viaduct

  1. A very good piece of poetry and artwork!! Thanks for visiting my site. You have a very nice blog here.


  2. jazzytower says:

    This is nice. How was that class? It might be fun looking into one for the summer. Thanks for the idea.


  3. erikleo says:

    Thanks for feedback. I’ve also got ten tips for writing poetry here too.


  4. I like the way your poem appeals to all Centres – and probably comes out of them…


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