Blencathra for sale

Some of you will have heard that Blencathra, a mountain in the English Lake District is up for sale! I’d never thought of mountains being in private ownership but of course the fells and mountains in the Lake District are used for sheep grazing, so possibly more mountains are ‘owned’ than we may think. The Lakes are managed as a National Park for the benefit of all. It still seems to me that more land should be free for all to enjoy. The Ramblers is a group which tries to ensure that footpaths and rights of way are kept open. No doubt all this goes back a long way historically. How much land does the Church (Church of England?) still own?



How can someone own a mountain? Mountains are
vaster than any real estate. Can a river or a mountain
stream be contained in a ledger? Can you take
out a mortgage on a cloud, collect a thunderstorm
in a cup? Deception is all around. The land is divided
up, each acre priced: liberty sacrificed and heaven obliterated.

7 thoughts on “Blencathra for sale

  1. Interesting topic. What if someone stops the flow of water to a stream on your property? As that water is flowing it is constantly renewed, therefore, not the same water you bought with your mortgage. Does anyone have the legal take on this?


  2. My grandfather was implemental in persuading the farmers who owned them to give the tops of the highest peaks in the Lakes as a permanent public benefit for the nation.


      1. As you say, Eric, the fells are grazed. The small sheep farms with their stone walls, sheep folds, wild open hills, Westmorland turf, woodlands, and low growing wildflowers are what have given the Lakes its beautiful and unique character. Farmers have welcomed people enjoying their land for centuries, as long as they respect the animals and boundaries… I have no problem with this kind of stewardship of our lovely Lakes. It’s not agri-business! Let’s hope Blencathra attracts a benefactor.

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