Ten Tips for Writing Poetry

Some tips to get you writing poems.

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Ten Tips for Writing Poetry

I’d like to share some creative ‘practice prompts’  which should get you writing whether you’ve got writer’s block or simply need a new angle. Please comment and post your poems!

  1. Write a poem using the titles of books. See my tribute poem to Colin Wilson on my blog.
  2. Create a list poem. Using a food recipe as a model, list the ingredients which make up a fulfilling life; or the opposite. Or make a numerical list of instructions for attaining contentment and happiness. A variation is to list what your pet does during a typical day. Anthropomorphising animals is a long tradition and there have been some very eloquent dogs and cats lurking in literature!
  3. Write a poem from another point of view. A bit like number 2 but you could choose something inanimate. Traditionally the elements (wind, the sea, the sun) have been personified…

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One thought on “Ten Tips for Writing Poetry

  1. I love poetry. Very self conscious about presenting anything I would write. Your ideas are inspiring, good idea, give it a good try, suggestions. Thank you.


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