Hell (The Scream)

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Hell (The Scream)


Sartre famously thought it was

other people. An art critic thought it was

being locked in a small room

with Edvard Munch for all eternity.

The Nordic Cartographer of Hell said, 

“Disease and insanity were the black angels

at my cradle.”


His men and women writhe

in anguish – staggering from the canvas

into our cities, into our waiting rooms,

into our laps.


The scream crossing

the bridge reverberates throughout time and space,

turning Wordsworth’s view of nature

inside out.

Edvard Munch "Der Schrei"

2 comments on “Hell (The Scream)

  1. therpo says:

    Wow! Though I think hell is being stuck with only Derrida to read


  2. erikleo says:

    🙂 Someone else said it was reading Joyces’s Finnigan’s Wake. Or how about Samuel Becket?


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