The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men was a group of men who saved works of art during WW2. The film The Monuments Men is directed by George Clooney. Hitler called most art of the time, degenerate art. This is something I wrote after reading about the ‘degenerate art’ exhibition.

degenerate art

this painting is degenerate the sky is green the fields are blue. this artist of our heroic country has contaminated our culture with blatant primitivism. what we need is beauty and draughtsmanship of the highest order. this is not a poem. in this painting the artist has used an imbecile as his model. just look at her face. this is not a fitting subject for high art. this primitivism must be purged otherwise how are we to retain purity of race. ideals of harmony and beauty must prevail. this is not a poem. as a symbol or representation of all that is abhorrent in modern art look at this portrait of a soldier in which he stretches forth the bloody stump of his right arm. the eyes are empty hollow and dead. the glowing red colours and the yellow nude suggest aggression which has no part in the best traditions of western art. this is a product of a diseased mind anyhow let us have an exhibition of the worst of these daubs as ridicule is the best weapon of the truly cultured. all proceeds will go to the fatherland. this is not a poem.

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